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Welcome to the last session here for the Pi Convention. For the past few weeks, we’ve had an exciting convention sharing our updates and plans and hearing from many Pioneers around the world on their ideas about the Pi Network & ecosystem.

To conclude our convention, we are featuring another community discussion panel about how Pi can collaborate with those within the Blockchain industry, and beyond. In order for Pi to achieve mass adoption and value creation, we want to collaborate and work with other dApps and businesses globally to integrate and utilize Pi.

We want to collaborate with other blockchain and crypto builders because the blockchain industry needs to work together to build a better and complete ecosystem overall, to strengthen its industry standing, to resist traditional economic incumbents, and to fulfill the great expectation of a smarter money and better financial system for the future. We want to work with traditional businesses because the traditional economy is where the majority of nowadays utilities exist and where real value is produced. The value creation for any new currency is essentially a combination of the two processes: the new utility creation and the transfer of existing utilities into the new currency. While the blockchain industry has been exploring and making innovative progress in creating new utilities given its technology advantages, its integration into traditional economies and its adoption by mainstream population remain a key to its health, strength, scale and the financial revolution that it promises.

So we asked Pioneers in this Panel the following two questions:

How can Pi collaborate with other blockchain projects?

How can Pi collaborate and integrate with traditional businesses in the existing world of fiat currencies?

As the Core Team, we are exploring ways to integrate and work with both existing and new businesses to further grow the Pi ecosystem, as discussed in our earlier sessions of the convention on Pi Note, Pi Apps and platform As the network develops, it becomes increasingly important to build awareness and further utilization of Pi in the real world.

We’re having this panel to hear Pioneers voice their thoughts on the two questions. For Pioneers who did not participate in the discussion through video, please participate in the current session by posting your views through the Topic button on the home screen today, where the Core Team and other community members can also view, upvote or downvote.

We’d like to again have a disclaimer that any voices by non Core Team members do not represent what the Core Team thinks or decides. The Convention is meant to be a place where diverse and creative ideas from the community on how to solve issues and improve various aspects of our network emerge, where conversations can continue and ideas can flourish.

Now let’s hear what representative Pioneers think about how Pi can integrate with the industry and beyond!











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