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The opening of ports is external to the docker. It depends on the person’s computer and network. What am I missing?
Can the ports be seen by port checkers like portchecker . co ?There is one for the port checker and one for the blockchain consensus. But the container need the UI to function properly and connect to the right testnet.
Just running the containers themselves will not a achieve anything. And I don’t see how this would solve the problem you are experiencing with the ports.
If you want to see the exact names of the docker images do the following: start the node UI, flip the switch ON, open your docker desktop UI or terminal, look at the exact names and versions of the containers running. The docker images are stored on dockerhub publicly.

端口的开放是在 docker 的外部。这取决于个人的计算机和网络。端口是否可以被端口检查器(如 portchecker)看到。有限公司?一个用于端口检查器,另一个用于区块链一致性。但是容器需要 UI 来正常工作并连接到正确的 testnet。仅仅运行容器本身并不能实现任何目标。我看不出这将如何解决您正在经历的端口问题。如果你想查看 docker 镜像的确切名称,请执行以下操作:启动节点 UI,打开开关,打开你的 docker 桌面 UI 或终端,查看正在运行的容器的确切名称和版本。docker 图像公开存储在 dockerhub 上。


You are welcome to play with it. Keep in mind that running this without the UI will not get you anywhere though, as (i) your computer will not be associated with your pi account thus you are not building any history to get selected for SuperNode., (ii) most likely it will not even work.
@b05n14n If it says 56%, is your computer always on? Is it always connected to the internet? Does it go to sleep after a period of time unused?
The stats are collected indefinitely, but we primarily considering at past 90days for now. We look at data from all node installations of each pioneer. The reason for the 90 days is to give people a way to improve their stats if in the beginning they were not very good.

@HXS8888 I understand. Your old stats are still associated with your pi account. We can still see them even though they are not visible in your new installation. your new installation has new stats. So the 90 days metric you see is that of the new installation.
@kyle2051 Great! If you have 95% you should expect an upgrade to the testnet container soon. Keep in mind though this is not the only metric we use. Are your ports open for example? Is your IP changing too frequently? The more stable a node is the better. But there is a place for EVERYONE.

欢迎你来玩它。请记住,运行这个没有 UI 不会得到你的任何地方,因为(i)你的计算机将不会与你的 pi 帐户相关联,因此你没有建立任何历史被选择为 SuperNode。,(二)很有可能根本行不通。

如果它说 56%,你的电脑一直开着吗?它总是连接到互联网上吗?它会在一段未使用的时间后进入睡眠状态吗?数据收集是无限期的,但我们目前主要考虑的是过去 90 天的数据。我们将查看来自每个先驱的所有节点安装的数据。90 天的原因是,如果人们在一开始表现不太好,他们可以提高自己的统计数据。

@HXS8888 我明白了。你的旧数据仍然与你的 pi 帐户相关联。我们仍然可以看到它们,尽管它们在你的新装置中是看不到的。您的新安装有新的统计数据。你看到的 90 天是新安装的 90 天。

@kyle2051 太棒了!如果您有 95%的内存,那么很快就会升级到 testnet 容器。请记住,这并不是我们使用的唯一度量标准。例如,您的端口是开放的吗?你的 IP 变化太频繁了吗?节点越稳定越好。但每个人都有自己的位置。

关于 KYC

@LTLJ To be more accurate, it is not KYC that’s important, it is whether your friends are real humans who mine themselves and not “fake accounts” or scriptors. KYC is one indicator for this “humanness”.
So in general most people have nothing to worry. We are just trying to make sure Pi goes to the hands of people and not fake accounts.
@Das187 Regardless, we are working as hard as we can on the Phase 3!!! We are very excited about it. We are also thrilled that the network grew much faster than we initially anticipated. The rapid growth added some extra work on our plate, such as server scaling and management, but we are happy to had to do it earlier than later.

更准确地说,重要的不是 KYC,而是你的朋友们是否是真实的人,他们自己挖掘自己,而不是“假账号”或脚本。KYC 是这种“人性”的一个标志。

所以一般来说大多数人没什么好担心的。我们只是想确保 Pi 落入人们的手中,而不是虚假账户。



@palinko Aha! In your distinction of the two Pioneer personas, would it be interesting to have a way for the “cashouter” Pioneers to voluntarily transfer/exchange their Pi to the “strategic” ones? @mmeissa We can’t predict when we will reach 100M members. We can enter Mainnet (Phase 3) earlier than 100M. The two are independent.
@palinko And the question is, in your example, would Pioneers be willing to spend their entire Pi savings that they mined over the course of a whole year to buy just a “phone” and be left no more Pi? If not a phone then what?

@palinko 啊哈!在你对两个拓荒者角色的区分中,是否有一种方法让“cashouter”拓荒者自愿地将他们的 Pi 转移/交换到“战略”的角色上?@mmeissa,我们无法预测何时能达到 1 亿会员。我们可以在 1 亿用户之前进入主网(第三阶段)。两者是独立的。@palinko,在你的例子中,问题是,拓荒者会愿意把他们一整年挖出来的圆周率储蓄全部花在买一部手机上,而不再留下圆周率吗?如果不是电话,那又是什么?

CPB 联盟简评:是否减产和停止挖矿与上主网是两件独立的事情,未来 Pi 很贵,不是你认为的挖一年 Pi 只能换一部手机;关于节点选择,会考虑的因素有 31400-31409 端口是否开启,iP 是否稳定,网络带宽使用率等。至于 KYC 目的就是为了核验是真人,总之,大家期待的价值越来越近了,曙光就在眼前。加油!

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