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Pi Convention is scheduled to have its first session on October 15, 2020. Read more above about the process, format and agenda.

《 Pi 公约》计划于 2020 年 10 月 15 日举行第一届会议。有关上述进程,格式和议程的更多信息,请参见上文。

Pi Convention update

The original design of the Convention was a one-day online convention. Considering the spread of our community members across all time zones of the world, and to avoid information overload, we will run the one-day convention content during about two weeks (Oct 15-30), for example two sessions per week instead of multiple sessions within one day. This way makes sure that each session will get enough exposure to all Pioneers in different time zones, and Pioneers will have time to process and discuss the content of a session.

Due to the size of our community, which is currently over 8 Million engaged Pioneers, we have to use innovative ways to hold this online convention. Unlike a traditional in-person convention with limited audience where the delivery of speakers and receipt by the audience occur concurrently, the online convention with such a large audience includes two parts in sequence to ensure its quality, clarity and representativeness of different regions: 1) video participation and 2) broadcasting for wider participation.


Video participation


Even though the broadcasting event of the convention will start on October 15th, the video and speakers’ participation have started and been on-going right now. As many of you may have seen the prompts on the home screen of the app or our official social media channels, the Core Team has been soliciting video participation by community members who are willing to express their opinions in a video format or developers who can demonstrate their apps built on Pi. Right now, more speakers are submitting their video responses, and the Core Team is processing them and making sure they will be in a presentable state for the broadcasting days. Selected videos along with Core Team videos will be compiled to form the full-length sessions.


Broadcasting with wider participation


The agenda of the convention will include 5 sessions as follows. All sessions will be presented as pre-recorded videos broadcasted on the home screen of the Pi app during October 15-30 with on average 2 sessions per week.

  • Pi Speaker Session: Pi Node update and future plans
  • Pi Panel: Community and Governance
  • Pi Speaker Session: Pi Apps platform and third party developer demos
  • Pi Panel: The future of Pi Mining
  • Pi Panel: Industry

The video participation has to precede the broadcasting date of the convention for larger participation in the format of forums in Topics, where Pioneers can add their opinions about the topic in text.

There are two types of sessions: Pi Panels and Speaker sessions.

Pi Panels

For community-concerned questions, such as discussions about Pi mining, the selection of the provisional committee and integration with industries, we pose these questions at this convention in the format of Panels, like a discussion. Each panel will start with a Core Team’s introduction of the topic, followed by different community members’ video responses expressing their individual views on these questions. For vocal Pioneers, we have been soliciting such short video submissions from them through online application, Chat Moderator recommendation, and email reach-outs; and selected well thought-out, articulated and clear videos will be featured as part of the full-length Panel discussion. The Core Team is reviewing thousands of video responses. Even if your video is not showcased in the broadcast, please know that we are listening to your ideas. For the Pioneers who did not apply to express their thoughts through a video format, they can participate in the Panel through the forum in the Topic on the homescreen of the broadcasting day, where the Core Team and other community members can also view, upvote or downvote.

Pi Speaker sessions


For sessions that require deeper explanations, they will be presented with longer speaker talks, such as the Node update. For the platform session, the Core Team will talk about the plans for the platform and the type of apps we look for, and then selected third-party developer representatives will present their demo apps, prototypes or ideas that can potentially be deployed on the Pi Platform. The presentation of such apps in the convention does not necessarily mean these apps will be eventually deployed on the platform but are showcases of what apps our community came up with for Pi platform, and the purpose is to spur more innovative ideas and discussions.


Pi Convention 更新
该公约的原始设计是为期一天的在线公约。考虑到我们的社区成员在世界所有时区的分布,并且为避免信息过多,我们将在大约两周(10 月 15 日至 30 日)内运行一日会议内容,例如每周两次会议,而不是多次一天之内的会话。这样可以确保每个会话在不同时区的所有 Pioneer 上都有足够的了解,并且 Pioneers 将有时间来处理和讨论会话的内容。

由于我们社区的规模,目前有超过 800 万名参与先锋的人,我们必须使用创新的方式来举行此在线大会。与观众有限的传统面对面会议不同,演讲者的讲话和听众的收看是同时发生的,观众如此众多的在线会议按顺序包括两个部分,以确保其在不同地区的质量,清晰度和代表性:1)视频参与和 2)广播以扩大参与范围。

尽管公约的广播活动将于 10 月 15 日开始,但视频和演讲者的参与已经开始并一直在进行中。正如您中许多人可能已经在应用程序的主屏幕或我们的官方社交媒体频道上看到的提示一样,核心团队一直在邀请愿意以视频格式表达意见的社区成员或可以展示自己的开发者的视频参与他们的应用程序基于 Pi 构建。目前,越来越多的演讲者正在提交他们的视频回复,核心团队正在处理它们,并确保他们在广播之日处于适当状态。选定的视频以及核心团队视频将被编译成完整的会话。

该公约的议程将包括以下五届会议。所有会话将以 10 月 15 日至 30 日在 Pi 应用程序主屏幕上播放的预录视频的形式呈现,平均每周 2 次。

Pi 演讲者会议:Pi Node 更新和未来计划

Pi 小组:社区与治理

Pi 演讲者会议:Pi Apps 平台和第三方开发人员演示

Pi 小组:Pi 采矿的未来

Pi 面板:行业

会话有两种类型:Pi 面板会话和演讲者会话。

Pi 面板

对于社区关注的问题,例如有关 Pi 开采的讨论,临时委员会的选择以及与行业的融合,我们以小组讨论的形式在本公约上提出这些问题,就像进行讨论一样。每个小组将以核心团队对该主题的介绍开始,然后是不同社区成员的视频回复,表达他们对这些问题的个人看法。对于声乐先锋者,我们一直在通过在线应用程序,聊天主持人推荐和电子邮件联系向他们征求此类短片。精选的经过深思熟虑,清晰明了的视频将作为专题小组讨论的一部分。核心团队正在审查数千个视频回复。即使您的视频未在广播中展示,也请注意我们正在听取您的想法。对于未申请通过视频格式表达想法的先驱者,他们可以通过广播日主屏幕上主题中的论坛来参加小组讨论,核心团队和其他社区成员还可以查看,投票或下注。

Pi 演讲者会议
对于需要更深入说明的会议,将为他们提供更长的演讲者发言时间,例如 Node 更新。在平台会议上,核心团队将讨论平台的计划以及我们寻找的应用程序的类型,然后,选定的第三方开发人员代表将展示其演示应用程序,原型或可在 Pi 上部署的想法。平台。按照惯例,此类应用程序的展示并不一定意味着这些应用程序最终将部署在平台上,而是我们社区为 Pi 平台想出了哪些应用程序的展示,其目的是激发更多创新的想法和讨论。


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