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我们很高兴能介绍一个新的版本的 Pi 节点,它可以运行区块链,并使被选中的候选节点能够实时跟随 Pi Testnet 的区块链。这个节点版本将启动 Pi Testnet 的修订阶段。

New Node Version v0.3.4

We’re excited to introduce a new version of the Pi Node (v0.3.4), currently available for download or upgrade on node.minepi.com. Unlike previous versions where the switch button in the Node interface only turns on a statistics container that gathers data about different device performance for selection purposes, the same switch button in v0.3.4 now can turn on the container that runs the blockchain for selected candidates.

Download and accessibility

This new version allows the Core Team to gradually invite node candidates to start running the blockchain to follow the Testnet. So, we recommend all candidates to upgrade to this latest version v0.3.4. by visiting the Node software. (If you have downloaded it last week when we already published it on our website, there is no need to download it again.) However, the new functionality of turning on and viewing the blockchain will be rolled out gradually to different candidates for technical reasons. This means that after downloading the new version, the majority of candidates will probably see the same interface with the old functionality at first, i.e. turning on the statistics container. Don’t feel discouraged, because even though this version may have the same appearance at the beginning, it carries different substances under the hood. In the following week, more candidates will be able to have the new functionality available, i.e. the switch turning on the blockchain container.

We’ll initially enable the blockchain container to only Node candidates running (i) Windows 10 Home or Pro that are upgraded to the latest version from Microsoft (version 2004) with WSL 2 and using Docker Desktop, (ii) any macOS version with Docker Desktop. In future versions, we will enable this functionality for more operating systems, and we will try to make the blockchain work on Docker Toolbox. The goal is to enable all Node candidates to be able to turn on the blockchain container to follow the testnet blockchain as it evolves.

The selection of nodes that can submit transactions will be made in the future when the feature becomes available. In regard to Supernodes, we will make selections later based on statistics gathered in the Selection Stage when Pi Node candidates were running the statistics container and their continued successful participation in the current stage. We’ll also soon make some of such statistics we gathered about the device and its performance available to the device owner in the v0.3.4., e.g. uptime and stability.

Significance of v0.3.4

Pi Node v0.3.4 will only allow viewing of the Pi Testnet, but it is significant because it is the first time that Pi Node software runs the blockchain on a larger scale and it initiates the second stage of the Testnet Roadmap - Revision Stage that comprises an iterative process of two activities: scenario testing and consensus algorithm revision. Building on this version, the Core Team can quickly assign simulated data of the network graph and configurations to different Nodes, to more efficiently stress test a wide range of scenarios and states of the network. The data generated from these tests will then feed the revision process of the consensus algorithm. The Revision Stage will presumably be a rather long period during which multiple node versions will be released because it involves not only engineering time but also research breakthroughs. As the consensus algorithm gets improved through simulated data, the Core Team will be able to add more abilities to Nodes and Supernodes than just viewing the testnet, such as validating transactions and participating in the consensus algorithm, progressing towards the third stage - Live Testnet.

Behind the scenes of v0.3.4

Over the past few months, we’ve been developing this version of Node that allows Pioneers to run the blockchain through a user-friendly interface. It took quite some time to release this version to all Pioneers because in addition to its development, we also had about 8 iterations of test releases with moderators and voluntary testers before a community release. The purpose of the long test iterations was to discover and fix as many bugs as possible that may be exposed by different devices and operating systems, and save frustration from most Pioneers in a community release. Due to the nature of compatibility issues with diverse devices and operating systems, we still expect some reports of issues when running this version, but hopefully they’re much reduced, thanks to test release iterations. This version also includes more data about the status of the blockchain container in the Node Interface for Pioneers to troubleshoot. For any issues, please consult the community wiki page here or join the Node Applicant chats in the Pi app.

新节点版本 v0.3.4

我们很高兴能介绍一个新的版本的 Pi 节点(v0.3.4),目前可以在 Node .minepi.com 上下载或升级。在以前的版本中,节点接口中的开关按钮仅打开统计信息容器,该容器收集关于不同设备性能的数据以进行选择,与此不同,v0.3.4 中的相同开关按钮现在可以打开为所选候选设备运行区块链的容器。


这个新版本允许核心团队逐渐邀请候选节点开始运行区块链,以遵循 Testnet。因此,我们建议所有候选版本都升级到这个最新版本 v0.3.4。通过访问节点软件。(如果上周我们已经发布在网站上,你已经下载了,就不需要再下载了。)但是,由于技术原因,开启和查看区块链的新功能将逐步推出给不同的候选者。这意味着,在下载了新版本之后,大多数候选用户可能首先会看到与旧功能相同的接口,即打开统计容器。不要气馁,因为即使这个版本可能有相同的外观在开始,它携带不同的物质在引擎盖。在接下来的一周,更多的候选对象将能够拥有可用的新功能,即开启区块链容器的开关。

我们最初将只允许区块链容器运行候选节点(i) Windows 10 Home 或 Pro,这些节点使用 WSL 2 和 Docker Desktop 从 Microsoft (version 2004)升级到最新版本,(ii)任何 macOS 版本使用 Docker Desktop。在未来的版本中,我们将为更多的操作系统启用这个功能,并且我们将尝试让区块链在 Docker 工具箱中工作。目标是使所有候选节点都能够打开区块链容器,以跟随 testnet 区块链的发展。

可以提交事务的节点的选择将在将来该特性可用时进行。对于超级节点,我们将根据候选 Pi 节点运行统计容器时在选择阶段收集到的统计信息以及它们在当前阶段持续成功的参与来进行选择。我们很快还会在 v0.3.4 中为设备所有者提供一些收集到的关于设备及其性能的统计信息。,例如正常运行时间和稳定性。

v0.3.4 的意义

π节点 v0.3.4πTestnet 将只允许查看,但它是很重要的,因为这是第一次,π节点软件运行区块链在更大的规模和提升者 Testnet 路线图的第二阶段——修订阶段,由一个迭代过程的两个活动:场景测试和共识算法修正。在此版本的基础上,核心团队可以快速地将网络图和配置的模拟数据分配到不同的节点,从而更有效地对各种场景和网络状态进行压力测试。这些测试产生的数据将用于协商一致算法的修订过程。预计修订阶段将是一个相当长的时期,在此期间将发布多个节点的版本,因为这不仅涉及工程时间,还涉及研究突破。随着 consensus 算法通过模拟数据得到改进,核心团队将能够为节点和超级节点添加更多的功能,而不仅仅是查看 testnet,比如验证事务和参与 consensus 算法,并向第三阶段——Live testnet 迈进。

在 v0.3.4 的幕后

在过去的几个月里,我们一直在开发 Node 的这个版本,它允许先驱者通过用户友好的界面运行区块链。向所有先驱者发布这个版本花了很长时间,因为除了开发之外,在社区发布之前,我们还有大约 8 次由版主和自愿测试人员进行的测试发布迭代。长时间测试迭代的目的是发现和修复可能由不同设备和操作系统暴露的尽可能多的 bug,并避免在社区版本中受到大多数先驱的挫折。由于不同设备和操作系统的兼容性问题的本质,我们仍然期望在运行这个版本时报告一些问题,但希望由于测试发布的迭代,这些问题可以大大减少。这个版本还包含了关于节点接口中区块链容器状态的更多数据,以便先驱者进行故障排除。如果有任何问题,请咨询这里的社区 wiki 页面或在 Pi 应用程序中加入节点申请人聊天。


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