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Curious about what the Core Team has been working on for the past few weeks? Pi Apps platform, Pi Node and Scalability. Tap “Read more” for a detailed update.

对核心团队在过去几周的工作内容感到好奇吗?Pi 应用平台,Pi 节点和可扩展性。点击“阅读更多”以获得详细的更新。


What is the Core Team working on?
We want to give an update on what the Core Team is working on recently. As laid out in the Pi Phase 2 Strategy announced around Pi Day (March 14, 2020), the Core Team focuses on 2 major aspects: value creation through building the Pi Apps platform and decentralization through progress in the Node and Testnet.

1.Platform API
3.Scaling Backend
For the Platform, the Core Team finished multiple iterations on the Pi apps platform along with its first third-party app, FeverIQ. As some of you might have experienced some kinks in the initial prototypes of the platform, we were able to fix them. For example, in the initial prototypes of the platform, the Pi rewards from FeverIQ were not always reliably remitted to some Pioneers, which was due to a scalability bottleneck, as one account (FeverIQ) needs to transfer Pi to accounts of Pioneers on the scale of millions daily. In the current prototype live in the app, almost no such reward issue has been reported. The Core Team is also working on fine tuning the initial Pi Platform API and creating a testing environment, and we aim to make them available for developers in our community very soon, so that community members can apply to be developers and start building Pi Apps in Q3 of 2020.

For the Node, the Core Team is working on enabling the Node interface to turn on the Docker container that runs the blockchain. Technically, it means we’ll swap the current Docker container that can be activated on the node interface for network statistics gathering with a Docker container that runs the consensus algorithm. This will enable us to test run the Testnet with centralized configurations initially and enter the Revision Stage of the Testnet Roadmap. In the meantime, we’re going through a selection process for Supernode and Node candidates. The selection process involves not only the Node statistics analyses but also the exclusion of fake accounts.

We’ve also rolled out a few thousand more KYC slots for Supernode and Node candidates and will continue to roll out more KYC slots (in the order of tens of thousands). So if you’re not selected yet, don’t be discouraged. We’ve not finished selecting yet, and our goal is to enable as many Pioneers as possible who want to serve as a Node or Supernode in Pi Network to do so.

In addition to the above two prongs, the Core Team has also spent significant time during the last few weeks on scaling our backend. Scaling our service and optimizing our architecture are an ongoing effort as our network grows and more functionalities are introduced, e.g. the platform. Some of you might have experienced slow service or Lite mode for the past few weeks. Those are the periods when we experienced overload in the backend or when we’re deploying improvements to previous architecture or migrations to a different database structure. In order to minimize service disruptions of the Pi App and improve Pioneer experience during such disruptions, we built and introduced the Lite mode that allows Pioneers to perform the most crucial and basic actions, i.e. login and mine, instead of having complete service outages.

We’re pleased to introduce more exciting updates very soon as we approach the end of Q2. Stay tuned.


我们想对核心团队最近的工作进行更新。在 Pi 日(2020 年 3 月 14 日)前后宣布的 Pi 二期战略中,核心团队主要关注两个方面:通过构建 Pi app 平台创造价值,通过 Node 和 Testnet 的进展进行离散化。

在平台上,核心团队完成了 Pi 应用平台的多次迭代,以及它的第一个第三方应用——FeverIQ。在最初的平台原型中,你们可能经历过一些问题,我们能够修复它们。例如,在平台的初始原型中,由于可扩展性的瓶颈,一个账号(FeverIQ)需要每天将 Pi 转移到数百万个先锋账号上,所以从 FeverIQ 获得的 Pi 奖励并不总是可靠地传递给一些先锋用户。在目前的原型中,几乎没有这样的奖励问题被报道。核心团队正致力于微调初始π平台 API 和创建一个测试环境,我们的目标是,让他们用于开发人员很快在我们的社区,使社区成员可以应用开发者和 2020 年第三季度开始构建π应用。

对于节点,核心团队正在使节点接口能够打开运行区块链的 Docker 容器。从技术上讲,这意味着我们将用运行 consensus 算法的 Docker 容器交换可以在节点接口上激活的用于网络统计信息收集的当前 Docker 容器。这将使我们能够使用集中配置测试运行 Testnet,并进入 Testnet 路线图的修订阶段。与此同时,我们正在进行超级节点和候选节点的选择过程。选择过程不仅包括节点统计分析,还包括虚假账户的排除。

我们还为超级节点和候选节点推出了数千个 KYC 插槽,并将继续推出更多的 KYC 插槽(大约数万个)。所以,如果你还没有被选中,不要气馁。我们还没有完成选择,我们的目标是让尽可能多的先驱者成为 Pi 网络的节点或超级节点。

除了以上两个方面,核心团队在过去几周也花了大量的时间来扩展后端。随着我们网络的增长和更多功能的引入(比如平台),扩展我们的服务和优化我们的架构是我们正在进行的工作。你们中的一些人可能在过去几周经历过慢速服务或 Lite 模式。在这些阶段中,我们会经历后端过载,或者在以前的架构中部署改进,或者迁移到不同的数据库结构。为了将 Pi 应用的服务中断最小化,并在中断期间改善先锋用户的体验,我们构建并引入了 Lite 模式,允许先锋用户执行最关键和最基本的操作,即登录和挖掘,而不是让服务完全中断。



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