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2020 年 1 月 10 日,有 Pi 友发现速美国际内部推送邮件提示将全面支持用 pi net worke 支付运费,带着这样的疑问我们采访了在俄勒冈波特兰的速美国际的负责人 MissLi



colin: 您好,你是如何知道 Pi 币的?

Missli:您是 chinapibi 的是吗?认识您很高兴! 我一开始就接触到这个社区,很多知识都是从这个社区学习到的;

colin: 谢谢!你是在哪个城市?现在应该很晚了,简单沟通几句,我稍后推送关于您的消息

Missli:我住在俄勒冈波特兰 我本身是一个区块链的爱好者,偶然间接触到π这个项目;区块链的知识是比特币学习了一点,但是一直在观望没有参与。2019 年 10 月好像,偶然间听朋友提到过派,我就从各方面搜集了一些资料,因在美国所以也去了解派的 3 个负责人。看完白皮书后,就决定参与这个项目。

colin: 怎么想着用 PI 支付邮费?还有什么更多的想法吗?

Missli:想了很久才做出这个决定,我主要目的是为了推广 Pi,让更多人接触到 pi 想让更多人参与这个项目。派的价值不单单体现在多少钱一个,我相信它会有更大的空间。所以我才和其他合伙人商量后决定,用我们的能做到的去尽力推广派。


colin: 您作为全球首家接受 Pi 支付的国际物流快递公司,对未来的数字货币充满信心吧?

Missli:有信心,对派有很大的信心,我想想派在经过 3 年左右的沉淀,它的价值会完全体现出来,而且会涉及到方方面面;

colin: 我们中国 Pi 网在全球都设有华人节点,你们能够为我们提供便利的服务吗?

Missli:我们公司目前主要业务就是海淘转运业务 我们公司可以提供相关的一切服务。

colin: 好的,谢谢!先不打扰您休息了,后续我们继续深度交流,可以吗?




速美国际 SMEIUS 是在美国注册成立的国际快件服务公司。公司坐落于美国免税州,拥有专业高效的海外仓管理经验,强大的客服团队及技术团队和标准仓储库房,结合专业订单管理系统,能同时为多个境内外电商提供仓储代配货服务。为客户提供最安心便捷的海淘转运服务!没有消费税,免税州直发! 稳定清关,10-15 天左右到手。 免体积费,免合箱、分箱费!我们在美国与 FeDex、UPS、DHL、TNT、USPS,在中国与 EMS、顺丰、圆通、申通、中通、韵达等快递公司均建立了良好的合作关系,为大家稳定安心海淘助力护航。


On January 10, 2020, a Pi friend found out that the internal push email of somei international would fully support the payment of freight by Pi net worke. With such a question, we interviewed MissLi, the director of somei international in Portland, Oregon

Here's a brief interview:

Colin: hello, how do you know Pi ?

Missli: you're from chinapibi, aren't you? Nice to meet you! I came into contact with this community at the very beginning and learned a lot of knowledge from this community.

Colin: thank you! Which city are you in? It should be very late now, just a few words, I will push the news about you later

Missli: I live in Portland, Oregon and I'm a blockchain enthusiast myself, and I stumbled across PI; The knowledge of blockchain is that bitcoin has learned a bit, but has been watching and not participating. It seems that in October 2019, when I heard a friend mention the pie by chance, I collected some information from various aspects. Since I was in the United States, I also got to know the three principals of the pie. After reading the white paper, I decided to get involved in the project.

Colin: why do you want to pay the postage with PI? Any other thoughts?

Missli: it took me a long time to make this decision. My main goal is to promote Pi, to reach more people and to get more people involved in this project. The value of pie is not only how much a single now, I believe it will have more space. So I discussed with the other partners and decided to try our best to promote the party.

Our team also thinks a lot, pie will become a mall in the future, everyone will use pie to buy related items, the way of overseas online shopping will also change, we also want to better serve our customers in this area.

Colin: as the first international logistics express company to accept Pi payment, are you confident about the future digital currency?

Missli: I have confidence in PI. I have great confidence in PI. I think after 3 years or so of precipitation, PI's value will be fully reflected.

Colin: our China Pi network has Chinese nodes all over the world. Can you provide us with convenient services?

Missli: the main business of our company is overseas online shopping transshipment business. We can provide all relevant services.

Colin: ok, thanks. I will not disturb your rest for a while. We will continue our in-depth communication later, ok?

Missli: sure

About sumei international:

SMEIUS international is an international express service company incorporated in the United States. The company is located in the American tax-free state, has the professional and efficient overseas warehouse management experience, the strong customer service team and the technical team and the standard warehouse, combined with the professional order management system, can simultaneously provide the storage and distribution service for a number of domestic and foreign e-commerce. To provide customers with the most secure and convenient overseas online shopping transport service! No consumption tax, tax-free state straight hair! Stable customs clearance, about 10-15 days to hand. Free of volume charge, free of packing and subpacking charge! We have established good cooperative relations with FeDex, UPS, DHL, TNT, USPS, EMS, sf express, yto, shentong, zhongtong, yunda and other express companies in the United States, providing stable and secure support for overseas online shopping.


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