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Pi Mainnet is live today, initiating the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet phase. We are also releasing two new sections of the Pi white paper that explain how mining and supply will work in Mainnet. A preview of a new mining simulation is released in the app for your calibration and will take effect later. Until then, existing mining continues. Read more above. Mainnet can be viewed in the Pi Blockexplorer, and your Pi wallet can now show both Testnet and Mainnet balances.

Pi Mainnet 今天上线,开启了 Mainnet 阶段的封闭式网络时代。我们还将发布 PI 白皮书的两个新部分,解释 Mainnet 中的采矿和供应如何工作。新的采矿模拟的预览将在应用程序中发布,供您校准,并将在稍后生效。在此之前,现有的采矿仍在继续。请阅读上面的更多内容。可以在 PI BlockExplorer 中查看 Mainnet,并且您的 PI 钱包现在可以同时显示 Testnet 和 Mainnet 余额。


Mainnet Launch 主网发布
Pi Mainnet is now live, initiating the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet phase where the Mainnet blockchain is firewalled to prohibit external connectivity but allows peer-to-peer and peer-to-app transfers within the enclosed network. Mainnet can be viewed in the Pi Blockexplorer. Pi wallet can now show both Testnet and Mainnet balances, although everyone’s balance on Mainnet is 0 right now. As more Pioneers pass KYC, they will be able to transfer their balance to the Mainnet. The KYC solution is coming soon to start verifying Pioneers’ identity and onboarding identity validators.

Pi Mainnet 现已启用,启动了 Mainnet 阶段的封闭式网络期,在封闭式网络阶段,Mainnet 区块链被防火墙保护以禁止外部连接,但允许在封闭式网络内进行对等和对等传输。可以在 PI Block Explorer 中查看 Mainnet。PI 钱包现在可以同时显示 Testnet 和 Mainnet 余额,尽管每个人在 Mainnet 上的余额现在都是 0。随着更多的先锋队员通过 KYC,他们将能够将他们的余额转移到 Mainnet。KYC 解决方案即将推出,将开始验证先锋的身份并让身份验证员登机。

Note that Pi Network is NOT running an ICO or any type of crowdfunding sales of Pi. Thus, any party impersonating Pi Network or its founders to conduct a sale or listing is illegal and fake. Any sales of Pi towards Pioneers are unauthorized and have no affiliation with the Pi Core Team. Pioneers should beware of any scams and not participate. Pi can be mined freely by contributing to the ecosystem through our mobile app. Further, any mined Pi can only be claimed from inside the official Pi App through the Mainnet dashboard and then transferred into your Pi wallet. Any website asking Pioneers to claim Pi by other means is fake.

Below is the new draft of the Pi supply and mining sections of our whitepaper. Mining will continue in the Mainnet phase but with a mining rate dynamically adjusted within limited supply. For more details, read the new whitepaper sections that review how supply and mining worked before Mainnet and describe how and why they will change at Mainnet. We will also keep the previously released Roadmap chapter at the bottom for reference. Your feedback is welcome before we update the official whitepaper on our website when Open Network begins.

请注意,Pi Network 不进行 ICO 或任何类型的 PI 众筹销售。因此,任何一方冒充 Pi Network 或其创始人进行出售或上市都是非法和虚假的。任何 PI 向先锋队的销售都是未经授权的,并且与 PI 核心团队没有任何关联。开拓者应该提防任何骗局,不要参与。PI 可以通过我们的移动应用程序为生态系统做出贡献,从而自由开采。此外,任何开采的 PI 只能通过 Mainnet Dashboard 从官方 PI App 内部认领,然后转移到您的 PI 钱包中。任何要求先锋队以其他方式声称 PI 的网站都是假的。

Today we are also releasing a preview of the new mining interface for you to view the new simulated Mainnet mining mechanism in a hypothetical setting and to help you calibrate your lockup setting. The new mining mechanism will not yet go into effect until more people pass KYC and migrate to the Mainnet. Before that, all Pioneers can continue mining on the pre-Mainnet mechanism just like before. Once the simulations and calibrations are done and enough Pioneers have migrated into Mainnet, the new Mainnet mining mechanism will take effect and be announced on the home screen.

今天,我们还发布了新挖掘界面的预览,让您在假设的设置下查看新的模拟 Mainnet 挖掘机制,并帮助您校准锁定设置。在更多的人通过 KYC 并迁移到 Mainnet 之前,新的挖掘机制还不会生效。在此之前,所有先锋都可以像以前一样继续在 Pre-Mainnet 机制上挖掘。一旦模拟和校准完成,足够多的先驱者迁移到 Mainnet,新的 Mainnet 挖掘机制将生效并在主屏幕上公布。


Token Model and Mining 令牌模型与挖掘
A well thought-out, sound token design is critical to the success of a cryptocurrency network. It has the potential to create incentives to bootstrap network formation and growth, build a utilities-driven ecosystem, and thereby support the cryptocurrency underpinning such a system. What a network incentivizes says a lot about what a network needs—for example, network growth or fundamentals-driven utility creation, a mere store of value or a medium of exchange for the cryptonative ecosystem. This chapter covers the supply of Pi and how Pioneers can mine Pi in different phases of the network, and the underlying design rationale for different mining mechanisms including to build and grow the network and to incentivize utilities and demand. Note that Pi is a layer one cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain, which “token” here refers to.

一个深思熟虑、合理的令牌设计对于加密货币网络的成功至关重要。它有可能创造激励措施来引导网络的形成和增长,建立一个公用事业驱动的生态系统,从而支持支撑这样一个系统的加密货币。网络的激励在很大程度上说明了网络的需求-例如,网络增长或基本面驱动的公用事业创造,仅仅是价值储存或加密生态系统的交换媒介。本章介绍 PI 的供应以及 Pioneers 如何在网络的不同阶段挖掘 PI,以及不同挖掘机制的基本设计原理,包括构建和发展网络以及激励公用事业和需求。请注意,PI 是一种运行在自己的区块链上的第一层加密货币,这里的“令牌”指的是区块链。

Pi Supply
Pi Network’s vision is to build the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer economy and online experience, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency. To deliver on this vision, it is important to grow the network and make Pi widely accessible while maintaining the security of the blockchain and the scarcity of Pi. While these goals have always guided the token supply model and mining design, the key distinction is: the pre-Mainnet phases focused on driving network growth and widely distributing Pi and the Mainnet phase will focus on rewarding more diverse forms of Pioneer contributions while cementing the supply of Pi.

Pi Network 的愿景是在世界上使用最广泛的加密货币 Pi 的推动下,建立世界上最具包容性的 P2P 经济和在线体验。为了实现这一愿景,重要的是扩大网络,使 PI 能够广泛访问,同时保持区块链的安全性和 PI 的稀缺性。虽然这些目标一直指导令牌供应模型和挖掘设计,但主要区别在于:Pre-Mainnet 阶段专注于推动网络增长和广泛分布 PI,而 Mainnet 阶段将专注于奖励更多形式的先锋贡献,同时巩固 PI 供应。

Pre-Mainnet Supply 维护前供应
In the early stages, the focus of Pi Network was on growing and securing the network. Bootstrapping to build a critical mass of participants is paramount to any network and ecosystem. Driven by the vision to make Pi the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, distributing Pi and making it accessible globally further added to the focus on growth. Pi’s consensus algorithm relies on a global trust graph, which is aggregated from the Security Circles of individual Pioneers. It was, therefore, critical to incentivize Pioneers to form individual Security Circles. This meant a supply of tokens available as mining rewards that was not explicitly capped before Mainnet.

在早期阶段,PI 网络的重点是发展和保护网络。建立足够数量的参与者的自举对于任何网络和生态系统都是至关重要的。在使 PI 成为世界上使用最广泛的加密货币的愿景的推动下,分发 PI 并使其在全球范围内可访问,进一步增加了对增长的关注。Pi 的共识算法依赖于一个全局信任图,该信任图是由各个先锋的安全圈聚合而成的。因此,激励先锋们组成单独的安全圈是至关重要的。这意味着在 Mainnet 之前,可用于采矿奖励的令牌的供应没有明确的上限。

At the same time, maintaining a certain scarcity of Pi was important. As explained under the Mining section, the network adopted a mining mechanism where the network mining rate halves every time the network size increases by 10 times, resulting in a series of halving events when it reaches various milestones of engaged Pioneers. The next halving event based on this model would be when the network reaches 100 million engaged Pioneers. Currently, we are over 30 million engaged Pioneers. The network also retained an option to stop all mining altogether in the event that the network reached a certain size, which was, however, yet to be determined. The option to cap the supply of Pi was not exercised before Mainnet, therefore leaving the total supply undefined.

同时,保持一定的 PI 稀缺性也很重要。正如挖掘部分所解释的那样,网络采用了挖掘机制,网络规模每增加 10 倍,网络挖掘率就会减半,当达到参与先锋的各种里程碑时,会导致一系列减半事件。基于这种模式的下一次减半活动将是当网络达到 1 亿名参与先锋时。目前,我们有 3000 多万名订婚先锋。该网络还保留了在网络达到一定规模(但尚未确定)时完全停止所有采矿的选择权。在 Mainnet 之前没有执行限制 PI 供应的选项,因此总供应量没有定义。

The pre-Mainnet supply model with a mining mechanism tailored to accessibility, growth and security has bootstrapped a community of over 30 million engaged Pioneers with millions of intertwined Security Circles. A simple, accessible means to mine Pi on a mobile phone helped distribute the tokens widely throughout the world, including among populations that have been left out of the crypto revolution because of a lack of capital, knowledge or technology. In doing so, the network avoided the extreme wealth concentration evident in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, preparing itself to become a true peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem with a large enough volume of participants and transactions for utility creation.

Mainnet 之前的供应模式具有专为可访问性、增长和安全量身定做的挖掘机制,已经引导了一个由 3000 多万名参与先锋和数百万个相互交织的安全圈子组成的社区。在手机上挖掘圆周率的一种简单、方便的方式帮助在世界各地广泛分发了这些令牌,包括在那些由于缺乏资金、知识或技术而被排除在密码革命之外的人群中。通过这样做,该网络避免了比特币和其他加密货币明显的极端财富集中,为成为一个真正的点对点去中心化生态系统做好了准备,有足够多的参与者和交易量来创造公用事业。

Mainnet Supply 主网供应
Supply fuels growth and incentivizes necessary contributions to the network to achieve an organically viable ecosystem. To that end, mining rewards will continue after Mainnet but will take diverse forms to incentivize different types of contributions, which will be explained in the Mining section below. In regard to supply, the undetermined supply due to the pre-Mainnet mining mechanism that optimizes for accessibility and growth of the network presents a few problems for the Mainnet phase, including unpredictability in planning, over-rewarding and under-rewarding different types of necessary contributions in the new phase, and challenges to scarcity. To address these issues, the network will shift from its pre-Mainnet supply model that is completely dependent on network behavior to the Mainnet supply model where there is a clear maximum supply.

供应推动增长,并激励对网络的必要贡献,以实现有机可行的生态系统。为此,在 Mainnet 之后,采矿奖励将继续,但将采取不同的形式来激励不同类型的贡献,这将在下面的采矿部分进行解释。在供应方面,由于前 Mainnet 开采机制优化了网络的可获得性和增长,导致供应不确定,这给 Mainnet 阶段带来了一些问题,包括规划的不可预测性、新阶段不同类型的必要捐款回报过高和回报过低,以及对稀缺性的挑战。为了解决这些问题,网络将从完全依赖网络行为的 Pre-Mainnet 供应模式转变为有明确最大供应的 Mainnet 供应模式。

The issue of unpredictability for planning in the pre-Mainnet supply model surfaced in Pi Network’s first COiNVENTION in September-October 2020 where the community panel and community submissions discussed whether mining should be halved or stopped at the network size of 10 million at the time. The diverse voices of community members presented the following dilemma for the network. If mining continued based on the ongoing (pre-Mainnet) mining mechanism, then it raised concerns for the supply due to uncertainty, and thus, the scarcity of Pi. However, if mining stopped, it would hurt the growth of the network and prevent new Pioneers joining the network as miners, thereby undermining the accessibility of Pi. Even though the network moved on from that decision and halved the mining rate at its 10 Million size, this dilemma still remains and needs to be resolved.

Pi Network 在 2020 年 9 月至 10 月的第一次会议上出现了前 Mainnet 供应模式计划的不可预测性问题,社区小组和社区提交的文件讨论了是应该将采矿减半还是应该在当时 1000 万的网络规模时停止采矿。社区成员的不同声音给该网络带来了以下两难境地。如果继续基于正在进行的(Pre-Mainnet)开采机制进行开采,那么由于不确定性而引起了对供应的担忧,因此,PI 的稀缺性也引起了人们的担忧。然而,如果停止采矿,将损害网络的增长,并阻止新的先锋作为矿工加入网络,从而破坏 PI 的可及性。尽管该网络放弃了这一决定,并将采矿率减半至 1000 万,但这一困境仍然存在,需要解决。


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