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Pi币发布重要通知!3月31日Pi钱包将开启并重置密钥!Important announcement: All wallet addresses are going to change soon. Your address will have to change too.

Why? Based on your feedback, pass phrases are much more preferred compared to the current secret seeds we use for secret keys. That’s because people can actually reliably write passphrases in a piece of paper if they wanted to.

This means that all existing wallet addresses will soon be inaccessible from the Pi Wallet, and everyone will have to get a new address. You will need to reset your keys and move to new wallets that is secured by a passphrase.

Due to the nature of crypto, it is impossible to find a "passphrase" that maps to the same "public key" that you had before, thus we need everyone to create new wallet addresses.

These kinds of breaking changes is the reasons we didn't want to invite more than 10K people to try the wallet until things get more crystalized. This way only 10K people get affected by annoying changes like this. Thanks for your patience and for being one of the early testers who contributed to this decision for an improvement.

As a reminder, Test-Pi is not real Pi, has no value, will be periodically reset, and people should never get "attached" to their Test-Pi as it exists only for testing purposes and will be lost after every Testnet reset and with changes like the one coming soon.





这些重大变化是我们不想邀请超过 1 万名用户试用钱包的原因,直到事情变得更加明确为止。这样,只有 1 万人会受到这种令人讨厌的变化的影响。感谢您的耐心配合,并成为为这一决定做出改进做出贡献的早期测试人员之一。

作为一个提醒,测试Pi不是真正的 Pi,没有价值,将定期重置,人们永远不应该“附加”到他们的测试 Pi,因为它的存在只是为了测试目的,并将在每次 Testnet 重置后丢失,并且很快会发生类似的更改。


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  1. 我忘记复制助记词了,没有复制保存收藏怎么办,麻烦问一下尼古拉
    静心2021-04-12 21:18 Linux | Chrome 78.0.3904.62
  2. 我用指纹解锁的,搜不到确认地址,想重新弄个密钥匙助记词解锁,也不知道几天才能重新设置一个钱包,2邮箱地址还能修改吗?QQ账号没有实名认证,再也不能认证了,哪位管理员给我设置了qq邮箱地址,
    欣怡相伴2022-04-08 15:59 Linux | Chrome 87.0.4280.141