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Pi Panel on Community and Governance, including Core Team introduction of the panel and representative Pioneers speaking about the provisional committee. Swipe left for more talks.


Pi Panel on Community and Governance Introduction

Welcome to another session of the Pi Convention! Today, we are featuring a community discussion panel about Pi Governance & the Provisional Committee.

In the Whitepaper, we outlined that a Provisional Committee would be formed after the network hits 5M Pioneers. The responsibilities of the Provisional Committee include soliciting and proposing suggestions from and to the wider community, organizing a series of on- and offline conversations, where Pi’s members will be able to provide input on Pi’s long-term governance structure, representing, leading and organizing the regional communities through these conversations.

For example, the organization of the Pi Convention like the current one will be part of the work of the Provisional Committee. We’re taking the opportunity of the first Pi Convention to discuss and make progress on the formation of the Provisional Committee, and hopefully future global Pi Conventions along with more regional conventions will be primarily organized by this committee.

As the Core Team, we hope this Provisional Committee will be composed of members who not only contributed and will continue contributing to Pi Network, but also who have expertise in different areas that would be helpful to building the larger Pi Ecosystem and who have deep thoughts on how Pi Community can be organized on not just regional level but also global level. We’re having this Panel to hear what the Pioneers want the committee members to be and how they should be selected. We will incorporate the ideas from Pioneers in defining the future steps in forming this committee, and probably also surfacing candidates for the committee in the process itself.

In organizing this Pi Panel, the Pi Core Team has been soliciting short video submissions from community members through an online application, Chat Moderator recommendations, and email reach-outs. We asked vocal Pioneers to express their opinions on 3 questions: 1) What characteristics and qualities they think a Provisional Committee member should have to fulfill such responsibilities, 2) how committee members should be nominated & selected to ensure fairness and their capability of leading and representing the community, and 3) how long of a term should the committee members serve and why.

About 900 Pioneers submitted about 2,000 short video responses to voice their opinions in this panel. Because Pi Panels are global discussions and are meant to spur conversations internationally within the Pi community, we required English as the language of the video submissions. The Core Team reviewed all the video submissions and selected a subset of them to be showcased in this panel due to time limitations and the audience’s attention span. We tried to select videos that are representative of different viewpoints from different geolocations, that are clear, articulate and reasonable. Even if your video is not showcased in this broadcast, please know that we have listened to your ideas, and we hope our selected videos also represented your views. For Pioneers who did not participate in the discussion through video, please participate in the current session through posting your views through the Topic button on the homescreen today, where the Core Team and other community members can also view, upvote or downvote.

Now let’s hear what representative Pioneers think about the formation of the Provisional Committee.

We’d like to clarify that any voices by non Core Team members do not represent what the Core Team thinks or decides. The Convention is meant to be a place where diverse and creative ideas from the community on how to solve issues and improve various aspects of our network emerge, where conversations can continue and ideas can flourish.


Pi 小组讨论社区和治理介绍

欢迎来到 Pi 大会的另一届会议!今天,我们将介绍一个社区讨论小组,讨论 Pi 的管理和临时委员会。

在白皮书中,我们概述了一个临时委员会将在网络突破 500 万先锋后成立。临时委员会的职责包括征求和提出建议和更广泛的社区,组织一系列的线上和线下的对话,π的成员能够提供输入π的长期治理结构,代表,领导和组织区域社区通过这些对话。

例如,像目前这样组织《Pi 公约》将是临时委员会工作的一部分。我们正在利用首届 Pi 公约的机会,讨论建立临时委员会的问题并取得进展,希望未来的全球 Pi 公约以及更多的区域性公约将主要由这个委员会组织。


在组织这个小组的过程中,Pi 核心团队通过在线应用、聊天主持人推荐和电子邮件处理,从社区成员那里征集简短的视频。我们问声乐先驱来表达他们的意见三个问题:1)什么特点和品质,他们认为这样的临时委员会成员应该履行的责任,2)如何提名委员会成员和选择,以确保公平和他们的领导和代表社区的能力,和 3)多久应该委员会成员服务,以及为什么。

约 900 名先驱者提交了约 2000 个简短的视频回应,以表达他们的意见。因为 Pi 小组是全球性的讨论,旨在激发 Pi 社区内的国际交流,所以我们要求提交的视频使用英语。核心团队审查了所有提交的视频,由于时间限制和观众的注意力范围,他们选择了其中的一个子集在这个小组中展示。我们试图选择能够代表不同地理位置的不同视点,清晰、清晰、合理的视频。即使您的影片没有在此播放,请知道我们已经听取了您的意见,我们希望我们选择的影片也能代表您的意见。对于没有通过视频参与讨论的先驱者,请今天通过主屏幕上的主题按钮发布您的观点来参与当前的讨论,核心团队和其他社区成员也可以在这里查看、投票或投票。





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