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Introducing In-app ads

Thanks to the Pioneers who submitted over 10,000 comments and ideas about how Pi could achieve more sustainable funding about one month ago, and who submitted over 130,000 responses to our in-app ads placement survey three days ago. As we previously reported, the majority of the Pi community are positive in having in-app ads as the most immediate avenue for building a more sustainable funding model. Thus, we start rolling out and testing in-app ads in our app today. Some Pioneers may see ads earlier than others.

Based on your 130,000 responses about ads placements, we decide to initially test the top two voted ads placements: 1) A brief video ad that you can skip after a few seconds during time wasted waiting for the app to load, but not every time you open the app (28.2% of the responses selected this option as the best ads), and 2) A small banner ad at the bottom of the screen in place of the “Send 1Pi” button (47.0% of the responses selected as the best ads). The other two placement options got respectively 12.7% and 12.1% of responses selecting them as best ads.

We recognize that there are still some Pioneers having concerns about ads primarily in terms of user experience. We’re taking such concerns seriously and are trying to address them in our design process as much as we can. Here is a short summary of the rationale for implementing in-app ads that the Core Team developed along with the Pi community:

As our network grows and scales so fast, we need to develop a sustainable funding model that can help cover the costs of maintaining the Pi Network. The current costs of the servers and the phone verification service alone run in excess of $30,000 USD a month just to maintain the account of each Pioneer in the network, not to mention the development, maintenance and operational costs. After reviewing and considering over 10,000 responses submitted through a topic forum open to the whole Pi community, a large majority is in favor of in-app advertising as an immediate revenue stream to mitigate the costsbecause ads don’t cost individuals any money and are common in free apps. Actually, the current projection on the ads revenue predicts that the ads revenue will likely not even be able to cover the server costs alone, but it’s a start to build a more sustainable financial model. We aim to find a balance between financial sustainability and the user experience, and are continuously seeking feedback from the community, so that we implement ads in a way that is less intrusive. For example, Pioneers have the option to turn off ads in the app if they dislike ads extremely and choose not to help cover the cost of supporting their own accounts by having ads; new users will not see ads for a period of time; and Pi is not sharing any Pioneers’ data in Pi Network to any advertising networks. (Their phones’ operating systems, iOS or Android, may share device based information to ad networks, which may be already the case if other apps on the phone have ads.)

Today, we just started the testing period for in-app ads. This testing period will seek to strike the optimal balance between two key variables: ad revenue and impact on user experience. Advertising revenue is driven by factors like the number of views that ads receive, the number of people that click on the ads, as well as the type of ads (i.e., video ads tend to earn higher revenue than static banner ads). On the other hand, preserving user experience requires that the ads minimize their impact on the core functionalities of the app. We will iterate different ads placements and formats over the next few months and are happy to hear your feedback along the way.


感谢那些在一个月前提交了一万多条关于 Pi 如何实现更可持续融资的评论和想法的先驱者们,以及三天前提交了超过 13 万份关于我们的应用内广告投放调查的回复的先驱者们。正如我们之前所报道的,Pi 社区的大多数人都积极地将应用内广告作为构建更可持续的融资模式的最直接途径。因此,我们今天开始在我们的应用程序中推出和测试内嵌广告。一些先驱者可能比其他人更早看到广告。

基于 130000 人的广告植入投票反应,最初我们决定测试前两投广告位置:1)一个简短的视频广告,您可以在打开软件等待应用程序负载时跳过几秒钟广告,但不是每次你打开应用程序(28.2%的反应选择这个选项作为最好的广告),和 2)在屏幕底部的一个小横幅广告的“发送 1π”按钮(47.0%的反应选择最好的广告)。另外两种广告投放方案分别获得了 12.7%和 12.1%的回复,并被评为最佳广告。

我们认识到,仍有一些先驱者主要从用户体验的角度来考虑广告。我们正在认真考虑这些问题,并试图在我们的设计过程中尽可能多地解决它们。以下是核心团队与 Pi 社区一起开发的应用内广告的基本原理:

由于我们的网络增长和规模如此之快,我们需要开发一个可持续的资助模式,以帮助支付维护 Pi 网络的成本。目前仅服务器和电话验证服务的费用每月就超过 3 万美元,仅是维护每个网络先驱的帐户,更不用说开发、维护和操作费用。通过向整个 Pi 社区开放的主题论坛,审查并考虑了超过 1 万个提交的回复后,绝大多数人都支持应用内广告作为一种即时的收入来源,以降低成本,因为广告不需要个人支付任何费用,而且在免费应用程序中很常见。实际上,目前对广告收入的预测显示,广告收入甚至可能无法单独覆盖服务器成本,但这是建立一个更可持续的财务模式的开始。我们的目标是在财务可持续性和用户体验之间找到一个平衡,并不断寻求社区的反馈,以便我们以一种更少干扰的方式实现广告。例如,如果开发者非常不喜欢广告,他们可以选择关闭应用中的广告,也可以选择不通过广告来帮助支付自己账户的费用;新用户在一段时间内不会看到广告;而 Pi 不会将 Pi 网络中任何先驱者的数据分享给任何广告网络。(他们的手机操作系统 iOS 或安卓(Android)可能会向广告网络分享基于设备的信息,如果手机上的其他应用程序有广告,这种情况可能已经出现了。)




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  1. 一旦有央企或国企等实力企业投入广告,将是打开了一个全新的双赢局面。这样会让庞大的兀友们更加坚定对项目方的信心与推广,同时广告商也会对兀运作起到推波助澜的作用。
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