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Welcome to our video series on the next phase of development of the project. Due to the risk of coronavirus here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are currently shooting the video from separate locations. Our hearts go out to the Pioneers in our community that have had to deal with the virus. To those that have not yet encountered the virus, please stay safe!

The Core Team is excited to announce that Pi Network will launch Phase 2 of the project on Pi Day, 2020. Phase One began on Pi Day, 2019 with the goal of growing the network to 1M Pioneers. Less than a year after launch, we’ve far surpassed our goal, with over 3.5M engaged Pioneers globally. Now that we have built this large and diverse global community, we are ready to embark on our second phase of development.

Phase 2 of the project has two goals: 1) Building value and 2) Decentralizing the network.

Goal #1: The 1st goal of Phase 2 is to build value by creating an Applications platform.

Building value means setting up the necessary infrastructure to create intrinsic utility for Pi by enabling people to buy and sell real goods and services for Pi, at scale. Unlike most current crypto projects that primarily focus on technical infrastructure, Pi Network believes technological infrastructure and economic adoption and utility should be developed together and grow in parallel. The primary way we will achieve the goal of value building this year is by creating an Applications Platform that scales healthy transactions of Pi.
One of the biggest questions about cryptocurrencies is “What gives them value”? Pi’s answer is real intrinsic utility. Pi will be backed by useful online and offline applications as well as a basket of real goods and services. With over 3.5M engaged Pioneers in the network, we can now iterate various real world applications that enable members of the community as well as external parties to spend Pi to benefit from the time, attention, talents, resources, and services of our global community.
The application platform will allow third-party developers and providers not just the core team to build applications in different domains or specialized areas that facilitate structured transactions of Pi and create the Pi ecosystem together. Pi’s Application ecosystem will lay the foundation of a healthy market of strong utilities of Pi, creating demand for the currency and building the value of the network.
Goal #2: The 2nd goal of Phase 2 is to decentralize the network by building Pi’s Testnet.

Decentralization is a key facet of Pi’s philosophy. We fundamentally believe that everyday people should have a greater say and should be able to capture a greater share of the value they create in society. We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is by building a decentralized currency and economy.
Unlike centralized payment systems like PayPal and traditional banks, Pi’s transactions will eventually be validated by a decentralized network of computer nodes. During Phase 2, we will release the first version of this Node software and start building Pi’s Testnet. Our intent is to make the Pi Nodes people-friendly and accessible to everyone. No need to have computer science degrees to run a pi node.
While we are excited for this next phase of development, one of the most important challenges will be ensuring that we have resources needed to achieve these ambitious goals. Today, the Core Team consists of just 8 people serving a community of over 3.5M million Pioneers or over 400K Pioneers for every one Core Team member. The costs of servers and phone verification service alone now runs in excess of $30,000 a month. As we embark on phase 2 - the biggest variables that will determine how quickly we can make it to phase 3 are the financial and human resources available for the project.

We’ll be sharing more detail on our initial strategy for Phase 2 of the project over the next few days with one video about building value via the Apps Platform that scales Pi transactions, and another video about progressing in the decentralization of the network by starting to build Pi’s testnet.

What do you think of our initial strategy for Phase 2 of the project? We welcome both video responses (just paste a link to a social media post) as well as text responses by joining the topic below. For video response, please upload your response on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube using the hashtag #PiPhase2 and post a link to the video in this topic.


核心团队很高兴地宣布,Pi Network 将于 2020 年 Pi Day 启动该项目的第二阶段。第一阶段始于 2019 年 Pi Day,目标是将网络发展为 1M 先锋。发布不到一年,我们远远超过了我们的目标,全球有超过 350 万的先锋公司参与其中。现在,我们已经建立了这样一个庞大而多样化的全球社区,我们准备开始我们的第二阶段发展。

项目第二阶段有两个目标:1) 建筑价值和 2) 分散网络。

目标#1:第 2 阶段的第一个目标是通过创建应用程序平台来创造价值。

建立价值意味着建立必要的基础设施,通过让人们大规模地为 Pi 买卖真实商品和服务,为 Pi 创造内在效用。与目前主要专注于技术基础设施的加密项目不同,Pi Network 认为技术基础设施和经济采用和实用程序应共同开发并并行增长。我们今年实现价值构建目标的主要方式是创建一个应用程序平台,对 Pi 的健康交易进行扩展。

关于加密货币的最大问题之一是什么赋予它们价值?Pi 的回答是真正的内在效用。Pi 将支持有用的在线和离线应用程序以及一篮子真正的商品和服务。拥有超过 350 万在网络中的先锋,我们现在可以迭代各种真实世界的应用程序,使社区成员以及外部各方能够花费 Pi 从时间、注意力和 t 我们全球社区的资源、资源和服务。

该应用程序平台将允许第三方开发人员和提供商,而不仅仅是核心团队在不同的领域或专门领域构建应用程序,以促进 Pi 的结构化交易,并共同创建 Pi 生态系统。Pi 的应用生态系统将为 Pi 强大的公用事业的健康市场奠定基础,创造对货币的需求,并建立网络的价值。

目标#2:第 2 阶段的第二个目标是通过构建 Pi 的 Testnet 来分散网络。

权力下放是 Pi 哲学的一个关键方面。我们从根本上认为,普通人应该有更大的发言权,应该能够在社会中占有更大的价值。我们认为,实现这一目标的最佳途径是建立一个分散的货币和经济。

与 PayPal 和传统银行等集中支付系统不同,Pi 的交易最终将通过分散的计算机节点网络进行验证。在第 2 阶段,我们将发布此节点软件的第一个版本,并开始构建 Pi 的测试网。我们的目的是使 Pi 节点的人友好和访问每个人都.无需拥有计算机科学学位就运行 pi 节点。

虽然我们对下一阶段的发展感到兴奋,但最重要的挑战之一是确保我们拥有实现这些雄心勃勃的目标所需的资源。如今,核心团队仅由 8 人组成,每个核心团队成员为超过 350 万先驱者或超过 400K 先锋服务。仅服务器和电话验证服务的费用现在每月就超过 30,000 美元。随着我们开始第 2 阶段 - 决定我们进入第三阶段的速度的最大变量是项目可用的财政和人力资源。
我们将在接下来的几天里分享关于项目第二阶段初始策略的更多细节,其中一个视频通过规模 Pi 交易的应用程序平台构建价值,另一个视频是关于通过开始构建 Pi 的测试网在网络权力下放方面取得进展的视频。

您如何看待我们项目第二阶段的初始战略?我们欢迎视频回复(只需粘贴一个链接到社交媒体帖子)以及通过加入下面的主题来文本响应。有关视频响应,请使用 #PiPhase2 标签在 Instagram、Twitter 或 YouTube 上上传您的回复,并发布指向本主题中视频的链接。

简评:实际上在 3 月 6 日凌晨,部分用户已经短暂看到 Test Net,相信这个 3 月 14 日一定会给大家一个不一样的期待。第 2 阶段的第一个目标是通过创建应用程序平台来创造价值,那就意味着将会开始商业流通 Pi 币,Pi 将支持有用的在线和离线应用程序以及一篮子真正的商品和服务。那么换句话讲诸位矿工手中的 Pi 币开始凸显价值的时候即将来临了!

保守估计,Pi 进入商业价值的进程已经完成了 40%,那么之后的 60%将是加速前进的,你手里的币够吗?


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