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We’ve really enjoyed connecting with you via our new topics feature over the last couple weeks. As we’ve been surveying the community on how to commemorate Pi Day 2020, many Pioneers have asked for updates on the project. As we approach Pi Day, we want to share more of our plans for the next phase of development of the project to get feedback from the community before we finalize the plan.

Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll provide these updates in the form of brief videos on the home screen. We’d like to gather your feedback in a video format submitted through social media. Your video submissions may be included in a special video that we release on Pi Day to update existing and future Pioneers.

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback on this process, feel free to comment by joining the topic from the the home screen. While we already have quite a lot of ground to cover between now and Pi Day, we will try our best to incorporate your feedba

翻译:在过去的几周里,我们真的很高兴能通过新功能与您联系。我们一直在调查如何纪念 2020 年 pi 节日,许多先驱者要求更新这个项目。随着 3 月 14 日的临近,我们想分享更多关于项目下一步发展的计划,以便在最终确定计划之前获得社区的反馈。
在接下来的 2 周里,我们将在主屏幕上以简短视频的形式提供这些更新。我们希望以通过社交媒体提交的视频形式收集您的反馈。您提交的视频可能会被包含在一个特殊的视频中,我们将在圆周率日发布,以更新现有和未来的先驱者。


In-app transfer findings
Over the last 3 months, ~300 Pioneers have been participating in a pilot of in-app transfers of Pi. The purpose of the in-app transfer pilot is to help bootstrap Pi’s peer-to-peer economy by helping us identify what Pioneers are willing to offer in exchange for Pi as well as what Pioneers want to buy with their Pi. In addition to laying the foundations of a healthy economy for Pi, the Pilot is also designed to help us understand what could go wrong so that we can avoid potential abuses of Pi and its community.

Pilot members were selected based on community recommendations as well as their previous contributions to Pi’s ecosystem. To protect Pioneers from being tricked by bots and bad actors paying with “Pi” that will be burnt before we move to mainnet, participants had to verify their identity (or perform KYC). Additionally, the terms of the pilot strictly forbade any transactions that involved fiat currency (such as selling Pi for dollars).

As we expected, the pilot has shown both promising and challenging signs. On the promising side, transactions have shown that Pioneers have a lot of interesting goods and services to offer for Pi. Examples of such transactions included:

A collection of honey sold for 18 Pi including shipping.
A digital camera sold for 65 pi.
A special edition pair of Nike Jordans sold for an undisclosed amount of Pi.
A children’s scooter sold for 3.5 Pi.
Many other transactions including Pi for children’s diapers, oil, batteries, and automotive parts.
There were also many abuses of the in-app transfer. Although all exchanges of Pi for fiat currency were prohibited by the terms of service, we received many reports of Pioneers attempting to sell the currency or take advantage of others. For example:

Some accounts made thousands of small transfers of Pi within a couple of days. These transactions did not seem to be tied to any real goods and services.
Many accounts attempted direct sales of Pi.
We received reports of people claiming that they were partially fundraising for charitable causes while in essence selling Pi. There is no verification that the portion of the funds intended for donation were actually delivered.
All of these reports ultimately fuel additional bad behavior when organizations can then claim that they have Pi to sell in unauthorized offerings of Pi.
These types of bad behavior provide no help in establishing a healthy Pi ecosystem or building a foundation for Pi’s economy. Instead, they endanger existing and future Pioneers with potential losses of money, and the project as a whole by tarnishing our reputation.

In conclusion, we have learned two major lessons from in-app transfer Pilot so far:

Enabling people to transfer Pi should be paired with healthy ways to spend the currency that drive demand for Pi.
The Pi ecosystem needs a systematic approach or platform to support applications that scale the types of healthy transactions listed above and address the logistical headaches the arise when trying to transact with people all over the world.
That concludes our update for today. What do you think of these findings and assessments? Please let us know by joining the topic from the home screen. We look forward to your input.

在过去 3 个月中,300 名先锋参加了 Pi 应用内传输的试点。应用内转移试点的目的是帮助我们确定先锋公司愿意提供哪些产品来换取 Pi 以及先锋公司希望用 Pi 购买什么,从而帮助引导 Pi 的点对点经济。除了为 Pi 的健康经济奠定基础外,Pilot 还旨在帮助我们了解可能出错的原因,以便避免 Pi 及其社区的潜在滥用。试点成员是根据社区建议以及他们以前对 Pi 生态系统的贡献选出的。

为了保护先锋不被机器人和坏演员欺骗,用 Pi 支付,在我们移动到主网之前,这些 Pi 将被烧掉,参与者必须验证他们的身份(或执行KYC)。此外,试点的条款严格禁止任何涉及法定货币的交易(如以美元出售 Pi)。正如我们所预料的,试点已经显示出充满希望和具有挑战性的迹象。在有希望的方面,交易已经表明,先锋有很多有趣的商品和服务,为 Pi 提供。此类交易的示例包括:

一组蜂蜜卖 18 皮,包括航运。数码相机卖了 65 皮。一对特别版的耐克乔丹以未公开的价格出售了 3.5 Pi 的儿童滑板车。 许多其他交易,包括儿童尿布、油、电池和汽车零部件的 Pi。

应用内传输也存在许多滥用。虽然服务条款禁止所有 Pi 兑换法定货币,但我们收到许多先驱者试图出售货币或利用他人的报告。例如:

一些帐户在几天内对 Pi 进行了数千次小额转账。这些交易似乎与任何实际货物和服务无关。许多账户试图直接销售 Pi. 我们收到有人声称他们部分为慈善事业筹款,而实质上是出售 Pi 的报告。没有核实用于捐赠的部分资金是否实际交付。所有这些报告最终都助长了额外的不良行为,然后组织可以声称他们有 Pi 在未经授权的 Pi 产品中销售。

这些类型的不良行为无助于建立健康的 Pi 生态系统或为 Pi 的经济奠定基础。相反,它们会危及现有和未来的先驱者,并可能损失资金,并通过玷污我们的声誉来危及整个项目。

总之,到目前为止,我们从应用内转移试点中吸取了两个主要教训:1.使人们能够转移 Pi 应该与推动 Pi 需求的货币使用的健康方式配对;2. Pi 生态系统需要一种系统化的方法或平台来支持扩展上述健康事务类型,并解决交易出现的后勤方面问题;



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